Special Exhibition

Past Exhibition

The 37th Annual Summer Holiday Exhibition for Children
Let's Go Salt Shopping! 2016

July 21, Thursday - August 31, Wednesday, 2016
(All information is given in Japanese only)

In response to numerous request, the “shopping game” comes back!

This summer, the special exhibition area will be transformed into a “supermarket” where children will learn many roles of salt not only in food but also in various household items. Children will be able to choose items from shelves and bring them to the “Salt Cash” register to get information on how each product was made, and how various kinds of salt was used in the production process. Each item has a hidden “salt-score” according to the way of salt use in the production. You can get high score if you can find the items related to “chemically altered salt”.
During the exhibition period, there will also be: scientific demonstrations to illustrate various characteristics of salt; a workshop where visitors can learn how to grow salt crystals onto a wire frame of their own design; and a Q&A section. Children and parents alike will enjoy and learn something new about the world of salt.

[General admission fees]

General(Adults and university students)
Group(20 or more):50yen

Children and pupils of primary, juniorhigh, and high schools
Group(20 or more):20yen

※ With age certificate, visitors over 65 years old are admitted for half price.
※ With disability certificate, free admission for disabled persons and one accompanying attendant.

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