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Baron Megata -The man who created the modern Japan-

September 17,Saturday - November 6,Sunday, 2016

Tabaco & Salt Museum cosponsor "Baron Megata –The man who created the modern Japan-" with Senshu University as part of events to commemorate the 140th Anniversary of Senshu University.
Megata is one of the founders of Senshu University. Suppose that he is not famous generally but closely related to this museum. This museum was founded in 1978 (Showa 53) for dedicating to the history and cultures surrounding tobacco and salt, goods that were once protected by a government monopoly. When Megata served Director-General of the Tax Bureau, tobacco was brought under government control as a national monopoly and salt was prepared it. Megata entered the Ministry of Finance in 1883 (Meiji 16) and successively held Head of land tax, Superintendent of the Yokohama Customhouse and other important posts. With Inajiro Tajiri who is also one of the founders as same as Megata and Yoshiro Sakatani who was Second President of Senshu University Megata was related to tax reforms and establishment of new tax based on their actual survey. One of the reforms was an improvement of tobacco tax, as a leader Megata promoted to devise a countermeasure against tax evasion spread and to introduce tobacco leaf monopoly for management a nation during Sino-Japanese War to Russo-Japanese War and tobacco production monopoly. Also Senshu University established a training school of tobacco monopoly officers in 1905 (Meiji 38) and played an important role in tobacco monopoly as a national project. We hope that visitors will be able to understand an important part of Tanetaro Megata in Japanese tobacco industry and the modern japan.
And here Japanese books in Yedo period from Senshu University Library Collection are exhibited, this museum research them as one of subjects. We hope that visitors will be able to enjoy the growth of reading books by development publishing among the common people including ukiyoes as theme of "From the elegance to the common".

[This exhibition requires a special admission fee.]

General(Adults and university students)
Group(20 or more):150yen

Children and pupils of primary, juniorhigh, and high schools
Group(20 or more):50yen

Visitors over 65 years old ※Please show proof of age when entering.
Group(20 or more):100yen

※ With disability certificate, free admission for disabled persons and one accompanying attendant.

  • photo
  • left: Baron Megata
    right: Calligraphy by Katsu Kaishu : two column