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"The Japanese Modern World, a Kaleidoscope of Beauty:
With a Focus on the Teruhiko Kaneko Collection"

November 3, Friday, 2017 - January 8, Monday, 2018

The Tobacco & Salt Museum is proud to host “The Wa-Modern World and Modern Exported Handicrafts: Based around the Teruhiko Kaneko Collection.”
For over half a century, Teruhiko Kaneko has created a roughly 200,000-item collection primarily of what are today called “Wa-Modern” pieces, including wooden mosaic work, Shibayama-saiku handicrafts (inlay and relief), and other handicrafts made for export purposes from the Bakumatsu and Meiji periods through the early Showa period (mid-19th through early 20th centuries); as well as Satsuma porcelain and other Japanese ceramics, lacquerware made in Suruga, Aizu, and Yokohama; and finally straw work, shellwork, and other folk craft.
The Tobacco & Salt Museum has borrowed this collection to hold multiple exhibitions at our previous facilities in Jinnan in Shibuya Ward, including “Wooden Mosaic Work: Japanese woodworking that crossed the ocean” (2001) and “The Great Japanese Handicraft Exports: Skills to create intricate beauty that shocked the world” (2011). Both of these exhibitions were well-received.
This exhibition, held at our new facility in Yokokawa, Sumida Ward, will be of a scale larger than that of either of the two previous exhibitions. It will feature around 200 items for display under the theme of “Wa-Modern,” focusing on the various modern Japanese art works, traditional artifacts, and antiques created for the purpose of being exported, as well as folk crafts called “tourism products,” such as straw work and shellwork, that were once in demand as familiar parts of Japanese people’s lives. This exhibition combines the opposite extremes of folk crafts and art crafts, and we hope that through these works—no longer seen on a daily basis today—visitors are able to get a glimpse of a “splendid fashionable Japanese world” and a “nostalgic world” of the past.

[General admission fees]

General(Adults and university students)
Group(20 or more):150yen

Children and pupils of primary, juniorhigh, and high schools
Group(20 or more):50yen

Visitors over 65 years old ※Please show proof of age when entering.
Group(20 or more):100yen

※ With age certificate, visitors over 65 years old are admitted for half price.
※ With disability certificate, free admission for disabled persons and one accompanying attendant.

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