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Beauties and the famous views in Ukiyo-e

Until June 28, 2020

The Tobacco and Salt Museum is located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, an area on the east side of the lower reaches of the Sumida River. It is a district dotted with many scenic spots known for their beautiful flowers such as the Sumida Embankment or Mukojima Hyakkaen and historic shrines and temples, which the people have enjoyed since the old Edo days.
Among the ukiyo-e depicting genre scenes of the Edo commonalty, in addition to works portraying the Sumida River and riverside views, many works with such scenes added in the background of bijinga (portraits of beauties) or yakusha-e (portraits of kabuki actors) remain.

It is a pleasure for us to be holding an exhibition entitled Culture Fostered around the Sumida River: Beauties and Famous Views in Ukiyo-e and accompanied with an exhibition catalogue. It is composed of ukiyo-e deriving from the Sumida River and sights along the river.
In addition to the above-mentioned ukiyo-e presented in Part One of the exhibition, in Part Two, there are bijinga and other works dating from the Tempo Reforms in the 1830s and 1840s and after. Sumptuary regulations were issued and it was a difficult time for the artists, but they overcame it by producing works overflowing with lively wit.

Sumida-ku and its vicinities continue to develop to this day. Edo-Tokyo Museum and a variety of characteristic museums, both large and small, are gathered in this area and new tourist attractions such as Tokyo Skytree have opened, too. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition giving thought to the culture around the Sumida River, which has been savored by the people ever since the Edo period.

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    The beauties strolling under the cherry blossoms.

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    Kintaro wrestling with a giant carp in waterfall, a girl in waterfall-striped kimono holding a Japanese harp.