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Woodblock prints for Children

September 12, – October 18, 2020

From the Edo to the Meiji period, there was a category of ukiyo-e known as omocha-e (toy pictures) made mainly for children. There were many different kinds: board games like sugoroku (Japanes backgammon), jurokumusashi, and fukuwarai, kits to create a picture book of a once-upon-a-time story, dress or wig cut-outs, monozukushi (collections) of a single genre such as insects or tools on a single sheet, etc.
It was not only anonymous ukiyo-e artists that designed such toy pictures. Some were produced by famous artists renowned for their portraits of actors or beauties and landscapes. Regardless of whom they were drawn by, as such ukiyo-e were designed for children and were intended for practical use, they were not handled with care and got cut out or soiled. Many were destined to be disposed of once the children had grown up.
Although there are only a few examples of omocha-e that remain to this day, they convey many hints about what the people of the time knew, thought, and how they played. In this exhibition, we have gathered a variety of toy pictures dating from the Edo period to introduce the fun they provide.

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    The toy print of all sorts of toys

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    The mother and children playing with some toy prints