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Mithila Museum Collection
Indian Cosmology Art―A World in Symbiosis with Nature

February 6, – May 16, 2021

The Mithila Museum is a private art museum located in the former Oike Elementary School building sequestered in a forest of Tokamachi City, a snow country of Niigata Prefecture. The museum houses a large collection, including Mithila paintings passed down from mother to daughter for 3,000 years in the Mithila region of India, as well as Warli and Gond paintings by the indigenous Warli people, and terracottas (unglazed ceramics) with a history of over 5,000 years. The museum also invites Indian artists to create new art providing them with a place of creation. Their collection including the newly created works have been highly recognized by the Indian government as being unparalleled in the world in terms of their volume and quality.

The Tobacco and Salt Museum has co-hosted five exhibitions with the museum in the past, and this exhibition, the first in approximately 15 years since 2006 will focus on works created in the relaxed atmosphere of the museum's beautiful natural environment. We hope that these creative works which while maintaining the traditional techniques born out of symbiosis with nature yet whose production would not have been possible in the present living environment in India will offer an opportunity to experience Indian cosmology (worldview / the cosmos).

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    Air plane by Jangarh Singh Shyam

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    Lion eating a young moon by Ganga Devi