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Sugiura Hisui: Epoch-making Modern Design

September 11, – November 14, 2021

Born in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Sugiura Hisui (1876-1965) studied Nihon-ga (Japanese-style painting) with the Maruyama-school artist Kawabata Gyokusho after enrolling in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (now Tokyo University of the Arts). At the same time, Sugiura was taken under the wing of the Western-style painter Kuroda Seiki. And attracted by the Art Nouveau designs that Kuroda had brought back from Europe, Sugiura gradually began to pursue a path as a graphic designer.
After finding a job at the Mitsukoshi Gofukuten (now Mitsukoshi Department Store) in 1908, Sugiura became the first head of the store's newly established design department. He remained with Mitsukoshi for 27 years until 1934 as the designer of the company's signboards. Aside from Mitsukoshi, Sugiura made countless works in a wide range of activities, which transcended the advertising framework. Today, these can be seen as the origin of what is now known as graphic design.
The Museum of Art, Ehime, located in Sugiura's hometown of Matsuyama, houses a collection of some 7,000 items related to the artist. Among these are important works such as posters, book bindings, magazine covers, and package designs as well as sketches, photographs, and Sugiura's treasured possessions, which shed light on his creative background. In this exhibition, we present approximately 300 works, primarily drawn from the museum collection, including some that are being shown publicly for the first time, as we trace Sugiura's output chronologically throughout his life. In recent years, the value of design is being reassessed, and the importance of the visual component is being reexamined in every medium. It is our hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity for viewers to consider the timeless, captivating work that Sugiura Hisui created, and the significant role that he played in the history of modern Japanese design.

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    Mitsukoshi Gofukuten :Show of New Spring Patterns
    The Museum of Art, Ehime

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    Tobacco Packages design by Hisui