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Woodblock Prints for Children Part2

December 2, 2023 – January 28, 2024

Ukiyo-e prints, which are widely known and esteemed as works of art, also include practical ones called omocha-e (toy pictures) which were created primarily for children to play with. These woodblock prints for children are an example of the broad base andrichness of the Edo period's publishing culture. Since they were disposed of as childrengrew up, there are not many of them left in good condition, but there is a wide variety inthe kinds of pictures that were created, and they vividly capture the tastes and customsof people at the time. The museum's collection of ukiyo-e related to tobacco and salt from the Edo period also includes omocha-e, and until now the museum has held manyexhibitions related to toy pictures, making use of the museum's collection.
This exhibition is a sequel to the "Woodblock Prints for Children Part 1" exhibition held in September 2020. Part 1 was an exhibition introducing the genre ofomocha-e, and Part 2 is a project that takes up the typical themes of toy pictures.
When we were planning Part 2, we had asked Prof. Ann Herring (Professor Emeritus of Hosei University), who is famous for her collection of omocha-e from the Edo to Meiji periods, to cooperate with us, but unfortunately she passed away suddenlyin March 2021, and her wide and vast collection was left behind. Therefore, after consulting with Prof. Herring's assistant Kyoko Yamada and all those who supported her in her later years, we were able to temporarily keep a part of her collection at our museum and organize it. In particular, the latter half of the exhibition, which is the second part, is entirely composed of Prof. Herring's collection, making the entire exhibition more fulfilling.
Last but not least, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in this project, starting with Prof. Herring's daughter Midori, who kindly agreed to organize and display Prof. Herring's valuable collection at our museum.

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    One toy print for making a lantern with moving shadow

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    One set of costume change paper toy of Kabuki actor Nakamura Utaemon