Visitor’s Guide

Museum Shop

The Museum Shop located in the 1st floor Entrance Hall sells illustrated books for exhibitions, the museum's own publications, salt from Japan and around the world, reference books, smoking items, and original goods. For special exhibitions, relevant goods and books are sometimes sold in special sections of the museum shop.

A list of English language and English-Japanese bilingual publications can be found here.

Goods on sale in the shop: matches, salt, limited-edition goods, and more!

  • Regular items

    Regular items

    Full line-up of regular items including catalogs of the museum's collections, illustrated books for exhibitions, and smoking items including kiseru and other pipes.

  • Original items

    Original items

    Original postcards, plastic sleeves, cloth items, and a wide variety of other products!

  • Items associated with special exhibitions

    Items associated with special exhibitions

    Books, goods, and other items related to ongoing special exhibitions!