Visitor’s Guide

Museum Shop

Regular items

The Museum Shop features a range of product line-ups related to tobacco and salt. In addition to the items listed below, the shop also features kiseru pipes, tabakoire tobacco pouches, and other traditional smoking items and pipes.
※Online purchasing is not available.

Snacks and treats

Popular souvenirs! The shop offers a range of tobacco- and salt-related treats and snacks.

  • "Sanshoku Shio Ame"
    (Salted candy in three flavors)

  • "Shio Age Mochi"
    (Deep fried salted rice cakes)

  • "Museum Original Blend
    Single Serve Hand Drip Coffee"

  • "Shio Cider Ame"
    (Cider-flavored salted candy)

  • "Tabako Senbei"
    (Sweet cookie in tobacco leaf shapes)


Salt of the types displayed in exhibition room is available as souvenirs. These salts are from Japan and around the world.

  • Rock Salt from the Andes(Bolivia)

  • Lake Salt from the Salar de Uyuni(Bolivia)

  • Lake Salt from the Dead Sea(Israel)

  • A Block of Rock Salt(Poland)

  • Refined Rock Salt from Wieliczka(Poland)

  • "Hingya no Shio"
    (Sea Salt made with the use of volcanic steam in Aogashima, Tokyo, "Hingya" is a hole in the ground from which steam is blown.)

Miscellaneous goods

Japanese-style goods, traditional tools, and other items are also available in the shop depending on the season and exhibitions.

  • Japanese Hand Towel

  • Fire-Lighting Tools

  • "Inden Netsuke"
    (Netsuke made from deer hide [used for hanging pouches from the kimono])